Matt Chan

Software Engineer

I spent several years working full stack web development with a variety of technologies. I am currently working on producing solutions for associates and managers in warehouses with a new focus on mobile implementations. See my full resume at Stack Overflow Careers.

Dragon Boat Paddler

Dragon boat has always piqued my interest since I was a child and I finally joined a team in the Boston area through a contact. I am an active paddler in my fourth season and have traveled locally and nationally to attend races with my Living Root teammates.

Martial Artist

The style I practice is called Wah Lum Tam Tui which is a Northern Chinese kung fu system that derives from Shaolin and a family style of our founder. Aside from kung fu, I also practice the art of tai chi of the Yang style. I have been a continuous practitioner since I Fall 2007.


Visuals are what stand out to me, and I picked up the photography bug from family members who documented our life while growing up. Though taking photographs is not something I do often these days, it is still an art that I enjoy very much. A sample of my work can be found on 500px.